evolv references


One thing we always strive to do at Evolv SystemWorx is to use out-of-the-box thinking to solve real problems for real people. We never just say, ‘That Sucks” and call it a day. When a customer comes to us with an issue nobody else will touch, we actually get excited. Here are a few examples of when our creativity saved the day.

High River Toyota

The operations manager of High River Toyota had a huge problem. Unscrupulous customers would claim that their vehicles had suffered cosmetic damage during a service call.

In reality, the damage was pre-existing. Unfortunately, although they knew the claims were false, they couldn’t prove it. This little problem cost the company tens of thousands of dollars in a short period of time.


Evolv was able to help by running cable from the building to the front gate (half a football field away) and installing high resolution cameras. This allowed the client to inspect the quality of the vehicles as they entered and exited the lot. They haven’t had a claim since.

Paradise Hill Farm

Located in Nanton, Paradise Hill Farm grows the best tasting tomatoes in Alberta. Tony and Karen Legault (the owners) are often in Calgary to make deliveries and meet with customers. They needed to be able to remotely view their crop.

In addition, they needed to be know if their vents had been closed by wind or snow – as this could affect their crop very quickly. However due to the lack of high speed internet options in their area, this proved easier said than done.


Evolv was able to install a high-quality camera system as well as consult with Karen and Tony to resolve their internet issue. Now, they’re able to view, identify and resolve issues before they spiral out of control. Keep the tasty tomatoes coming guys!